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Visually, I very much enjoy the shapes of the bales, their placement within the landscape and the negative space that is created. What interests me is how grass changes its shape, form and use throughout its cycle. I enjoy interacting with the bales, literally running around the fields amongst these temporary sculptures which will most likely be all but a memory the following day.

*Dark and deep in the country side, during the exposure of one of my first Hay Bales attempts, a police car stopped along the field I was in and someone yelled out, “Is that you, Brian?” I replied back “No, it’s Chris.” he replied “oh…ok”…and then he just drove off.  Another time while I was running around a salt marsh in waders at night, someone called the police thinking I was “jacking deer.”  I don’t think the police had seen me, but I pretty much always look suspicious, dressed in dark clothing head to toe in this case, I was running toward the camera, before the police car’s headlights ruined my long exposure.  Just got it in time.  In fact his lights are now part of the picture.

Edition sizes
22″ x 33″ ed.12
34″ x 51″ ed.8
48″ x 72″ ed.4

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