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I like trees that are grand and usually stand apart from others;  trees that look like they can tell a good story, have lived a good life, witnessed a lot;  trees that are beautiful but sometimes a bit haunting.  Once I find the right trees, I set up my tripod and cameras, compose, focus, plan my shoot, take notes and wait for the light. Exposure and lighting time can be from a few minutes to 2 hours or more.   I use a handheld modified spot light to light the trees.

During the exposure of Trees in Marsh, a family of beavers let it be known that they did not want me in their pond, they surrounded me while I was in an inflatable raft and began to slap their tails with ferocity in the water.  A bit scary at 3 am floating in my cheap inflatable raft on a funky pond deep in the middle of the woods.

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