Limited edition images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper. Prints are often face-mounted on a non-glare or clear anti-uv acrylic.

Framing options (floated, mounted into frame, floated in frame). Frames are all handcrafted, museum quality and stained on maple wood. The highest quality archival materials and conservation practices, geared towards museum, gallery and exhibition display are used.

Open edition prints are also available.

Please view open edition prints within the Archive section.  Please contact the gallery for printing options.  Artwork will be packaged & or crated professionally and shipped via FedEx.  Shipping available worldwide.

Limited edition museum quality prints & pictures
Contact gallery for pricing and availability

Limited Edition Image Info for many images

18″ x 24″ edition 15: $600 print    $1200 framed
22″ x 33″ edition 12: $1400 print   $2400 framed
34″ x 51″ edition 8:   $2600 print  $4000 framed
48″ x 72″ edition 4:  $5200 print  $7200 framed

28″ x 36″ edition 12: $2000 print  $3400 framed
48″ x 62″ edition 6:  $4800 print   $6400 framed

30″ x 30″ edition 8:  $2600 print  $3400 framed
60″ x 60″ edition 3:  $5200 print  $8000 framed

Custom extra large installations available
Contact studio for availability, image sizes and prices

Offering discounts when purchasing multiples.
Depending upon location, crating, shipping and delivery (installation if location is in New England) is included.






Framing Samples