Joyriding, Canine Car Companions Book is here!

Hard cover 72 beautiful pages of 85 dogs in bliss



Nothing says happiness quite like a dog hanging its head out of a car window. The sheer joy, evident on the faces of these pooches as the wind blows through fur and noses sift the air for the aroma of new adventure, is immeasurable. These dogs know how to enjoy life and live in the moment and photographer Chris Becker was inspired to capture their bliss. Becker photographed these dogs along the coast of Maine, usually from the vantage point of the passenger seat, but also often from the sunroof. This beautiful 9″x12″ 72 page hardcover book is sure to make the reader smile, laugh, or simply relate to the joy, curiosity, wistfulness, and wanderlust that these dogs experience while traveling with their best friends


On location video taken before latest photo shoot


Eye and ear candy in the forms of the vivid twilight sky and the pleasant chorus of peeper calls heighten the senses as Chris prepares for a photo shoot in North Fryeburg, ME.


Becker images on CBS show Extant

Black Walnut picture next to Halley Berry

Halle Berry on set of Extant. Cape Porpoise shack that I photographed behind her.

Halle Berry on the set of Extant, next to my Black Walnut pic.